Hear ye, hear ye!

After ten delightful years hosting my Be-A-Famous Writer Contest, I’ve decided to focus all my attention on inspiring young people to read. Because becoming a good reader is the first step in becoming a good writer. Right? Write!

I’ll always treasure the wonderfully-creative stories kids have sent me over the years from all across the country. And you can still see many of the winners in my Magic Library. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Yours truly,

Mrs. P

And I hope you will always remember my motto to share with your classroom; "If you can tell a story, you can write a story".

Writing Prompts for your classroom

I've created some fun playlists and blogs for your classroom to get their ideas flowing. Please give them a look especially my Imagination Launchers and Book Bits at my Teacher Page

Mrs. P's classic filled library offers classic stories and activities that help students develop reading, listening and speaking abilities. I hope you bookmark this information and take a visit to my YouTube channel called Mrs. P Storytime. You can access it from the homepage of my website!

Inspire your class by watching past entries of the contest on my Young Author playlist. Enjoy these amazing stories!

Meet my dog Spyri, named after the author of “Heidi,” a favorite book of mine when I was little. He’s the host of my, Imagination Launchers, to help kids jump-start their imaginations and get those stories started. Click here to see his tips and animated videos


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